IWC Portuguese Siderale Scafusia IW5041

Switzerland watch manufacturer IWC launched Portugal Rale Siderale Scafusia is on-site Planetarium on the wrist! History of the IWC,
which watch has never had so many celestial display.

Watch is the chart on the back, a 1000 stars, and the tables are custom made, so charts can be customized according to your requirements,
or any of the southern hemisphere latitudes in the northern hemisphere, even the South Pole Star can be drawn, disc can be clockwise or
counterclockwise rotation of the night sky, depending on the selected location in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere.

Sky also shows on the horizon and the ecliptic and the celestial equator, the red circle shows the orbit of the Sun on the celestial sphere
significantly for the year. Separated grey dotted lines indicate the southern hemisphere of the celestial equator. SuperWatches Look closely and you will
find that bottom cover there are many complex functions such as calendar—not display full calendar, but a leap year instructions + show
the absolute number of days this year, and when the Sun and stars. Even more interesting is that polarization sapphire glass at the end of
the table, grey during the day, night blue, IWC calls day and night and twilight shows.

replica watch iwc-portuguese-siderale-scafusia-iw5041
Portuguese Siderale Scafusia IW5041

The first thing you may notice is the large Tourbillon at the 9 o’clock position, caught the eye, fresh is the Tourbillon features it has
combined with the constant dynamic mechanism. This combination ensures the precise and uniform speed within 48 hours, accounts for
about half of the total 96-hour power reserve the watch. As a one-minute Tourbillon, can serve as a small seconds disc, blue small seconds
on the Tourbillon rotation accordingly. iwc replica watches for sale

Moreover, at constant power during, small second, precise beats per second, after which, the drive switches to normal mode, this means
that the second hand at the speed of one-fifth seconds. Upper part of the Tourbillon cage made of titanium, rhodium-plated the escape
wheel and nickel Silver round bridge has been meticulously hand chamfer, I have to say is look is really quite spectacular.

In addition to the Tourbillon, dial 12 also provides more precise Sideral sidereal time display location, right in the “12 o’clock” subdial
displayed 24 hours star, the star is timing system used by astronomers. And a pointer to a power reserve of between 4 and 5 o’clock.

All these complex features are pooled for a watch, and decided this was a big table—46 mm diameter, is 17.5 mm thick and sure
component is not light.

IWC Watches Portugieser IW371215

August 2016 Switzerland IWC launched the double Chronograph Special Edition Milan store, limited edition of 100 pieces, interpretation comes from Switzerland Schaffhausen advanced watchmaking tradition for more than 140 years. Engraved unique limited numbers at the end of the table “Biscione” grass snake pattern, is the symbol of Milan.

In addition to the traditional timing functions, double chronograph or twin double Chronograph mechanism. Central has two stacked up and down the dial, Chronograph, and start the synchronization operation after starting the timer function. SuperWatches

Press the 10 o’clock position of the third button, located above the pointer, pointer below continue to operate until 2 o’clock position of the stop button is pressed, so that short can be measured at two different times. Press the button again, regardless of the split in still or motion, will instantly catch the timing pin, and keep running.

REPLICA WATCH  IWC Watches Portugieser IW371215
IWC Watches Portugieser IW371215

New Portugal series double Chronograph Special Edition Milan store continue the IWC distinctive style tables, exquisite dial pattern design, elegant and expressive. Watch Red Gold case, matching blue dial with black alligator leather strap. replica luxury watch

The dial is the balanced framework of coordination, 12-bit, and 6-bit counters, case 10 o’clock position with double-double function buttons, located in the central area of the scale is a tachymeter function, the scale is on the edge of the dial range finder. Engraved unique limited numbers at the end of the table “Biscione” grass snake pattern. “Biscione” is not only the logo of the Visconti family, as well as the city’s symbol.