Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Complete Calendar Moonphase

Blancpain is the first professional diving watch brands, 50 fathoms dive watch in 1953 will have divers experience in actual wearing down, acclaimed. Watch carry 66BF8 self-winding movement, mining column wheel chronograph mechanism, often used many advanced watch brands, in general this mechanism makes the timing feels more smooth in operation.Replica Hublot

Fly back chronograph function allows the mechanical structure is more complex, but to allow the wearer to use a button once to complete stop, zero, and then three steps to start more convenient indeed.

replica watch blancpain-fifty-fathoms-complete-calendar-moonphase
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Complete Calendar Moonphase

Design of this timepiece to date in the outer ring of the dial, indicated by a pointer, with 4 years of calendar function would only be adjusted once, replica hublot-big-bang-brown-women-watch who do not want to be whenever I have to manually adjust the date the player is very convenient.

In addition, the 6 o’clock direction in small seconds disc also carried the moon phase display, use the limited space of the dial presents a wealth of information. In addition table with hidden below the ear-tuning devices, makes the casing side to keep the perfect face. Beautiful blue tones also interconnected with the ocean, passing 50 fathoms the same spirit.

Replica Cartier Panthères et Colibri watch

There is a such beautiful watch ,the watch case 18K white gold with diamonds, with 314 round brilliant cut diamond, 11.40 mm case thickness, its production process can be described as perfection. Finishing touch should say 18K white gold, bead-shaped Crown set with a diamond, and equally bright. Panther silhouette on the dial, its shape is for the large number of jewel-encrusted, well-built. Will it wear wrist really shining fascinating, majestic?


replica cartier Panthères et Colibri watch
Panthères et Colibri watch

Bright jewel with black crocodile leather strap, classic colors use bright gems add a sense of luxury Premier and let the fashion forever. Even the dial color creative design is black and white, add some gold, does not aim for complicated and overly simple designs. Worth mentioning on the dial screen charm, and outline the pattern outline uses filagree technology, fine and delicate, fashion into the slightest rhyme.

replica cartier Panthères et Colibri watch
Panthères et Colibri watch

Cartier creative gemstone Watch collection reflects Cartier HPI00776 watches the unique thinking and creative genius, will only complicate the watch in fictional women of subtle world show, in order to better convey the tender scene of women. Gently bring creativity, let love into the light, give people a new aesthetic, refined and elegant, refined and delicate.

Replica Audemar Piguet Abby Royal Oak Offshore

Audemar Piguet, one of the three famous watchmaking brand in the world. Founded in 1875 in Switzerland Jurassic Valley of LeBrassus village is a local independent family firm, is a famous watch manufacturer. Heritage and develop with Switzerland traditional tab essence, always adhering to “harness General, cast on innovation” of brand concept, each paragraph love the works are will brand Centennial of exquisite skills concentrated Yu which, is craftsman master are of tireless input, love the in 1972 came out of Royal Oak Royal Oak series break watches industry cult of rules, and labour scholar, and treasure Li Sir as out has at no arrogation of tab specification.

replica watch of Audemar Piguet Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01
Audemar Piguet Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01

Published in 1992 by the Royal Oak Offshore watches history series is legendary, is also leading the trend of large-sized watches pioneer work. Descending from classic Royal Oak octagonal design of the case, bezel with 8 external screws, in bold style all the design elements of the interpretation of this legendary series, brandish green rather than the blue trend, more masculine and bold, generous grand style, refreshing interpretation of the sports style.

Love the Royal Oak away from Bank type series challenge limit, about material and color mixed take, in material aspects except selection basic material Zhi Wei, more used space field rare tantalum metal, and titanium alloy, and space super alloy alacrite602, more exclusive first has light and tough of forging carbon material, set off senior tab industry using innovation hi-tech material of boom, called exquisite skills and bold innovation of perfect crystal.

Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01 , 18K rose gold case noble and elegant, the bezel is made of forged carbon, Timer buttons, and the Crown is made of black ceramics, Rotary chain circle Crown with a limited number of safety devices to avoid wind damage in tight and movement. Dial using chiaroscuro design: during volume screw decorative black dial and tourbillons, double barrel black anodized aluminum bridge plate contrast, dial the number on the scale is all the more striking. The dial is a symmetric design, 30-minute timer symmetric hollow caused by the 9 o’clock position easy to appreciate the delicate Tourbillon. The overall fine point is breathtaking.

replica watch of Audemar Piguet Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01
Audemars Piguet Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01

Anti-dazzle light processing Sapphire Crystal mirror and end of cover, and forging carbon fiber table circle, and Black ceramic screws lock into type table Crown and button, and waterproof depth up to 20 meters, in 6, and 9 and the 12 o’clock of location hollow, and silver timing device, and Arabic numerals and rose gold fluorescent Royal Oak Royal Oak pointer, and black flange, manual sewing side of “large square scale big square” crocodile skin match 18K rose gold AP Folding Buckle, Tourbillon flywheel device movement, timing code table, hours, minutes function, Match variable inertia screws.

With a unique style of masculinity and sports,  Abby Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01 are very popular in men.

The Most Complicated Watch of Patek Philippe

Wen Tuofei Ref.5002 day round wrist watch  is the most complicated Patek Philippe Watches, 2 total 12 complex functions on the dial. 5002P Patek watches for years has sacred gestures into all the watches look up at the stars. Halo around the watch itself has risen to almost sky-high numbers.
Was deified as earlier it had become what many people touched only in the dreams of the ultimate luxury.But Patek was not willing to stay in the level. So, held on May 29, 2013, at the Geneva Salon “precious handicraft exhibition”, the Patek Philippe showing enamel, carved, inlaid wood and other handicraft works and officially released Ref.6002G Moon Tourbillon watches to replace the discontinued the most complicated Patek Philippe Watches Ref.5002. It is also the most complicated watch ever, can be said to be representative of the new King.

The Most Complicated Watch of Patek Philippe
Wen Tuofei Ref.5002

As we resolve this, a new generation of tables below – Pictet Fei Li Wang Ref.6002.The manual winding movement is a masterpiece of the micromechanical process, a total of 686 units, are vetted carefully by hand finishing the process. After chamfer edge all steel parts are processed, all steel balance wheel each tooth is made of hard wooden wheel individually hand polished.
Such treatment is not only to the pursuit of perfection but also to reduce the friction of tooth and therefore helps to Patek Philippe Watches achieve amazing accuracy and service life. Main Board and calendar modules are decorated with the rotating circular pattern on both sides, plywood part decorated with Geneva stripes. Because of the complex production process range and precision, and the need to go through rigorous testing, just making a movement to take several months. Is, of course, to create a perfect movement, bearing the Patek Philippe seal on it, which is the most precious hallmark premium mechanical movements.
Compare with Patek Philippe Ref.5002, on the movement of mechanical technology is not very different. With dual tone spring, three church bells chiming devise He Tuofei round; the front dial shows standard time, complete with calendar and automatically returns the date display, and moon phase display.

The Most Complicated Watch of Patek Philippe
Pictet Fei Li Wang Ref.6002

Rear dial is used to display astronomical functions: can display when northern hemisphere night sky, stars, the Moon orbit and moon phases. Unlike Ref.5002, which is, it can display the moon phase rather than age, and the use of window-type week, month and leap years and non-index.
Patek Philippe Ref.6002 real innovations appearance, its exquisite luxury decoration makes this super watch into complex function model of craftsmanship. The case or dial can be perfect. Real works of art like Patek Philippe Ref.6002, refer to it as “sculpture” may be more appropriate.
On the dial with a cloisonne and filled with the advanced technology of enamel, decorated with wreath decoration, beautiful and moving.
On the surface, and presents a remarkable picture. The night sky of the northern hemisphere under a Sapphire Crystal glass rotary motion described the movements of the stars and the Moon, Meridian after Sirius and the Moon, and moon phase of profit and loss. In addition, two indicators can be displayed on the 24-hour scale Star. Oval Ring part sketch a location to see the night sky in the northern hemisphere. These great features are controlled by a unique patented mechanical modules. Patek Philippe used the astronomical mechanism astronomical description of the starry sky, its accuracy is incredible.

Regard to Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116655

The Rolex Yacht-Master ref 116655 takes the term luxury sports watch to a whole new level. Its 40mm Oyster case is crafted in 18k Everose gold — Rolex’s patented rose gold alloy with a very distinct sheen. Additionally, the 116655 wear the highly-coveted Cerachrom ceramic bezel in black. Due to its scratch and fade proof capabilities, the ceramic bezel makes the Everose Yacht-Master a robust watch.
Moreover, the Everose Yacht-Master is the first Rolex watch to feature a rubber strap. Dubbed the Oysterflex by the brand, the black band is actually part bracelet part strap where the titanium and nickel bracelet is coated with rubber. Furthermore, the Oysterflex is furnished with an 18k Everose Oysterclasp for optimal security, luxury, and comfort.
It’s unlikely that a wearer of the Everose Yacht-Master will take the watch diving, however, it could certainly handle it. Because of the Triplock winding crown and fluted case back, the ref. 116655 is water resistant to 300 feet (100 meters). What’s more, the scratchproof sapphire crystal protecting the dial also keeps the water out. Therefore, the Caliber 3135 powering the watch would be kept safe from external elements during any nautical activities.